Homicide investigation launched after man dies during arrest

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A man has died after a confrontation with police Thursday night.

The incident happened near 22nd and Station streets, near Martin University, around 8 p.m.

lilly, jeffrey mug

Jeffrey Lilly, Jr.

Police said they were working an undercover narcotics operation when they found their suspect, 22-year-old Jeffery Lilly, Jr. Officials said the suspect saw them and took off running, prompting a pursuit.

At some point, police said, Lilly, Jr. fell on the ground and a struggle with police followed. The suspect was stunned with a stun gun as he fought with police.

The suspect then consumed what is believed to be a narcotic, said officers. Police said Lilly, Jr. put it into his own mouth and then became unresponsive.

Emergency crews pronounced the man dead at the scene.

Backup was called after a crowd gathered at the scene.

The 10 Point Coalition also sent several teams to the area.

Police said the crowd beat three lawn chairs against police cruisers at one point. A crime lab vehicle and police car were damaged.

A homicide investigation has been launched. An internal affairs investigation is also underway. Officials are interviewing all officers involved.

An autopsy will be conducted Friday morning.