Police: Autopsy of suspected drug dealer revealed no sign of blunt force injuries

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New information has been released about a suspect who died during an arrest.

Police said Jeffrey Lilly sold two rocks of crack cocaine to undercover officers Thursday. When Lilly saw additional, uniformed officers, police said, he took off running. At some point, Lilly fell.

Police said Lilly stuffed something into his mouth after they stunned him with a stun gun. Lilly then became unresponsive. He was later pronounced dead by emergency crews on the scene.

An autopsy was conducted Friday morning. Police said there are no signs of injury to Lilly’s remains, “indicating there were no blunt force injuries.” There were some bruises as a result of the struggle, however, none of the bruises were deep enough to cause serious injury or internal bleeding, police said.

Officials also found a baggie in Lilly’s airway. The bag appeared to have a hole in it and was empty. Police said it is not uncommon for drug dealers to try to conceal drugs by placing them in their mouths and sometimes swallowing them.

A cause of death will not be made until toxicology reports return. That can take up to six weeks.

The officers involved in the incident have been placed on paid administrative leave, pending the results of a homicide and internal investigation.