DEA links Noblesville doctor to deaths of four patients

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A Hamilton County doctor under investigation for over-prescribing is now linked to the deaths of four patients.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided the office of Dr. Jeffery E. Boone, D.O., on 10th and North Streets in Noblesville last week.

“There was quite a bit of commotion going on,” said Clinton Floyd, who lives near Dr. Boone’s office and watched agents swarm the area. “They had federal agents everywhere. The Noblesville Police had everything blocked off.”

The search was a result of an investigation that dates back to July of 2000. That’s when, according to court documents, the DEA received a call from the daughter of one of Dr. Boone’s patients who blamed him for her mother’s death.

She told investigators that Dr. Boone had her mother “addicted to multiple narcotic medications.”

According to the report, investigators also linked the death of four patients to Dr. Boone where drug intoxication was either the cause or a factor in their deaths.

At least 14 patients were also found to have received the “Holy Trinity” of drugs, which as investigators described, was the “…combination of drugs that gives a user the effects and euphoria of heroin use.”

One patient even accused Dr. Boone of exchanging drugs for sex, claiming he once told her “I get what I need, you get what you need.” The report further explained that “Dr. Boone was referring to him writing her controlled substance prescriptions in exchange for sex.”

Dr. Boone has not been charged or arrested in connection to this investigation. He still holds his license to practice medicine in Indiana.

A prosecuting attorney told Fox59 the report will be reviewed by a medical doctor who will compare Dr. Boone’s practices with the ailments of his patient before any decision on filing charges will be made.