Advocates working to curtail animal abandonment

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It is a constant problem that the Humane Society of Indianapolis and Animal Care and Control are hoping to curtail: animals left by their owners in a vacant apartment or home. Officials say they see this sort of thing too frequently.

Dogs, cats and even a python are some of the animals that have been brought to the Humane Society in Indianapolis, after their owners left them homeless. Other animals were abandoned at the building in the middle of the night, that’s something that is also a big problem. IndyHumane workers say it’s because their owners may not know the process of surrendering.

“Instead of being responsible owners and rehoming those animals the correct way, they end up dumping them,” said Abby Prather, medical manager with the Humane Society.

Imagine coming across an abandoned baby ball python. Back in May, the Humane Society took the reptile in by someone who found it in an apartment complex dumpster, still in its aquarium! Then, there’s the problem of people showing up at the society before office hours, and leaving animals tied up. Just this week, a pitbull was left in the middle of the night tied to a door, and a kitten was left in a box outside the building. Staff found her in a tree and rescued her.

“It’s a simple thing to just actually come to the door, we come out, we’re all nice, we’ll talk to you and do whatever we can to help you in your situation,” said Prather.

Animal Care and Control also deals with this problem. They field calls and go pick animals up, but, also enforce the abandoned animal law that’s on the books. If you’re caught leaving your pet behind, or leaving it at the humane society incorrectly, it’ll cost you at least $200 per pet. The Humane Society said there may be a wait time of a few days to a week for an appointment to surrender a pet, but they can provide temporary food, a crate and other help in the meantime.

“I know a lot of people don’t know the resources are out there, and that they exist, but, you gotta try,” said Prather.

Aside from bringing animals to the Humane Society or to the Animal Care and Control office, there are other humane agencies in the area that can be a better alternative to abandonment.

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