Teen on bike struck by vehicle on north side

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A 15 year old boy is at Riley Hospital For Children after he was hit by a car.

It happened this afternoon on the near north side at 30th and Fall Creek.

There are several people being credited for helping save the life.

The 15 year old boy’s family says he is pretty banged up, but, is going to be okay. His aunt and cousin told FOX 59 that he has a broken collar bone, a broken leg and some bleeding on his head.

“It (car) hit his bike, it threw him, it looked worse than it was. He kinda just rolled over the top,” says witness Anthony Bair.

Anthony Bair and his wife Natasha, who are certified medical assistants, just happened to be a few cars back when it happened.

Bair says, “He hit his shoulder on the car, hit his head when we went down. One of the doctors on scene said he had a busted pupil.”

They jumped out of their car, grabbed their first aid kit, and kept the boy still until paramedics arrived.

“He was kinda in and out, he was trying to move, and, all of us were like no don’t move, because we didn’t know if he broke his collar bone or that sort of thing,” says Natasha Bair.

Turns out, the boy did break his collar bone, that’s according to his family who spoke to FOX 59 just after leaving the hospital. They say he’s going to be okay, but he’s in bad shape right now…

Cousin Lawren King says, “He’s on a ventilator right now, because his breathing is slow, so they had to put him on a ventilator.”

Police say the boy was crossing the street on his bike, just as the blue Volkswagen was coming through the intersection. Investigators say the car had a green light, the boy on the bike did not, and he was hit. The boy’s family says he was with his brother and another person, but, they were not hurt. Relatives says they are so thankful for the people who stopped to help…

“Thank you for helping my cousin, he’s doing fine now, we appreciate you a lot,” says King.

“He’s really lucky, ya know, it could have been worse,” says Natasha.

Police say the driver of the car did stop, and is cooperating. At last check, no charges have been filed.