Slow rise with temperatures continues through weekend

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Temperatures will be slowly ticking up over the next couple of days.

Recently it has felt like summer is trying to wrap up but over the next 7 days we will be reminded that summer still has more than a month left before it’s officially over.  So far this month 86° is the hottest it’s been and we have only seen 3 days so far with temperatures above the average high.  This along with a couple of cooler mornings has us now running 2.5° cooler than the monthly average with us now slightly more than half way through the month.  The monthly average temperature is 72.4°.  The monthly average is calculated by adding the high and low temperatures together for each day then dividing by the number of days you have had.  This is all set to change soon.

We are tracking a slow warm-up over the next 7 days.  While I don’t think we hit the 90s here in Indianapolis I do think a couple of communities will hit 90° to our south next week.  For Indianapolis, just be ready for the hottest weather yet this month with highs at 88 by Friday.  Rain chances look small for the next 7 days.  It would seem the best chance for rain will be on Sunday and Monday.  Sunday some Gulf moisture could bring isolated showers to southern parts of the state.  On Monday another northern system could mean rain for places north of Indianapolis.  Both chances for rain are small enough that we are keeping them out of the 7 day with just a mention of a small rain chance.  Enjoy your weekend!