Two Rushville men in hospital after their truck was hit by a train

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St. Vincent’s hospital say the two victims, Thomas Alexander and Anthony Hussman are listed in serious and critical conditions respectively.

Two were taken to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, after the pick up truck they were in was hit by a train in Rushville.

The crash happened around 3 p.m. Friday afternoon at the cross streets of 4th and Perkins.

A police official tells FOX 59 News 27 year old Thomas Alexander and 19 year old Anthony Huffman were in the pick up truck. A friend of the victim says Alexander was behind the wheel.

Police say the driver went through the red flashing crossing lights, and was hit. Witnesses say the impact sent the truck in to a spin, and in to a nearby house.

Police say Alexander and Huffman had to be extricated from the truck, and were taken to a local hospital before being moved to Indianapolis.