Weather stays nice as city wraps up busy weekend

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The slow rise of temps will continue on Sunday

Another busy day tomorrow expected across the city with several big events going on at the same time.  The good news is the weather will cooperate with only a small chance for rain to the southeast of Indianapolis.  I think the city is dry all day on Sunday but we have put in a 30 percent chance for rain overall.  I wouldn’t be shocked if a renegade shower from our southeast has just enough oomph to make it to the city.  If this happens I would expect the showers to be weakening as they arrive.

Gen Con’s last day should be dry.  Slightly more humid which means it won’t feel as nice for those dressed in an outfit from head to toe.  A family of four can get into the last day of this event for 30 dollars.



Gen Con wraps up on Sunday


The Red Bull Indianapolis GP begins at 2 pm but there are events and races all day long out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Tickets start at 20 dollars.



Moto GP big race goes on in the afternoon.

Finally Go Colts!  Our boys are in New York City with a game time of 7 pm.  The weather will be nice both here and there.



Colts play in New York City Sunday night

Finally just low rain chances for the rest of the week.  The best rain chance will actually be on Sunday.  Temperatures will continue to slowly climb to the upper 80s by Friday.