Owner blames financial troubles for Blue Crew Sports Grill closing

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It’s an end of an era for a once popular central Indiana restaurant. After years of financial trouble, the owner of the Blue Crew Sports Grill told FOX59 he’s closing for good, blaming financial trouble.

Randy Collins sat down with FOX59 Wednesday inside the Fishers bar on 7035 E. 96th St. to explain what went wrong.

“It’s been a good run, but you know, I kept it a little bit longer than I should’ve,” said Collins.

He said the establishment was in financial trouble from the very beginning, when he opened it seven years ago. Every year, Collins said, he lost $35,000. He said he got behind on taxes. No matter how well the Colts played, he wasn’t busy enough to keep up with the rent.

“Even in the Super Bowl years, you know the good years… it was tough to make ends meet here,” he explained.

When asked if the location failed his business, Collins acknowledged it played some part, saying “the location’s tough right here.”

“I had to be packed pretty well every day to break even,” he said.

The business has closed and reopened before. Even Colts owner Jim Irsay stepped in this year to try to breathe life back into the business when he gave Collins $34,000. Collins said that covered rent for four months through August, but it didn’t fix the bigger problem.

“That was great of him. I really appreciated that. But… it wasn’t a big enough Band-Aid,” Collins told FOX59.

He said he tried to keep the place going when some investors expressed interest in the bar, but that quickly fell apart. That’s when he knew he had to finally give up.

He has already started packing up Colts memorabilia, which he will put in storage in hopes of opening a smaller business in the future.

For now, Collins said he is “worn out.” His biggest mistake, he admits, was holding onto the business for far too long.

“People ask me ‘Why’d you hang onto it for so long?’… You know you, get emotionally attached to something and you don’t want to let go,” said Collins. “It’s been a great run. It really has.”

Collins said anyone who had a framed picture hanging inside the bar is welcome to pick it up this Sunday evening around 6 p.m.

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