Indy man’s Facebook meeting ends in robbery, carjacking

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INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis man who hoped to see a woman he met on Facebook ended up getting jumped, robbed and carjacked instead.

According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the woman agreed to meet the 24-year-old man at her west side home Friday morning. He drove from the far east side to a home on Corwyn Road. When he got there, the woman came around from another house and told him he’d parked at the wrong place.

The man drove to the area where the woman directed him; shortly after that, two men in masks emerged from the bushes of a vacant home. At least one of them had a gun, the report said.

The man said his assailants ordered him to get on the ground. One of them told him to “gimme your money.”

The man replied that his money was in his car.

“Where (are) your keys at? I’m gonna shoot you, the safety’s off,” one of the men told him.

The masked men started going through his pockets and then, according to the report, “just yanked his pants off.”

One attacker told the man to count to 130. They both left, one in the victim’s 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the other in a different vehicle.

In addition to his car, the victim said the men got away with his cell phone and $400 in cash.

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