State once again abnormally dry

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38 percent of state is now Abnormally Dry

Most will be dry over the next seven days as our dry spell really settles in.  The U.S. Drought Monitor now has 38 percent of the state as abnormally dry.  This is the first time since this past February that more than 10 percent of the state has been included under this category.  The U.S. Drought Monitor lists our recent cooler than average temperatures as helping to abate more serious conditions, but that is about to change.  The next 7 days will be extremely hot across the state with little to no rain.  This means next week will likely see more than 50 percent of the state under abnormally dry conditions.  You’d have to go back to last December to find the last time the state was that dry as we were coming off of last year’s horrid drought conditions.

Looking at your forecast the weekend will be dry and pleasant.  Dew points will be relatively low with them hovering near 60 degrees over the weekend.  The lower the dew point the better it feels on a hot summer day.  The pleasant feeling won’t last for long as we see a return of heat and humidity next work week.  Monday through Friday will be hot with highs possibly hitting the mid-90s.  record heat will be possible on Wednesday and Thursday but I think we fall just shy.  If you’re curious record temperatures for next week are 97° for the 26th, 27th, 29th and 31st.  The record stands at 96° for the 25th and 28th.  The record for the 30th is 95°.  My conservative outlook on highs next week keeps us in the low 90s.

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