90s back in forecast for work week and Labor Day

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We could match the five days of highs in the 90s for the year over next seven days

Significant heat expected through Labor Day with highs possibly topping 95 degrees.  For the year we have only seen five days in the 90s so far.  Over the next seven days we could see this number double with me forecasting five of the next seven days seeing temperatures in the 90s.  I am also not forecasting any rain over the next seven days.


Little to no rain over next 15 days.

Model data differs on what they feel the hottest day of the week will be but my money is on either Wednesday or Saturday.  The EURO model pushes us to 94 on Wednesday with the GFS not too far behind with a forecast high of around 93.  I am forecasting a Wednesday high of 93 degrees.  The EURO also has area hitting 94 on Saturday with the GFS not as aggressive.  The GFS is forecasting a Saturday day high of 92 degrees.  I have us hitting 94 on Saturday and I think it will be the hottest day of the week.  If we hit 94 degrees it would also be the hottest day of the year so far.  Other notable hot days this week will be on Thursday and Friday where we are a forecasting a Thursday high of 92 and a Friday high of 93.  Enjoy it winter will be here soon enough.