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Fallen soldier remembered at memorial ride

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Loved ones, friends and even total strangers gathered Sunday to remember a Hoosier hero who was killed in Afghanistan.

Southport High School graduate Tristan Wade, 23, died March 22nd in an IED blast.

This weekend, an organization called Forgiven Saints held a motorcycle ride in Wade’s memory to raise money for his family.

“It’s really touching to see all the people here,” said Tristan’s father, Daniel Wade.

“Everybody knows he’s a hero,” said Wade’s wife Alisha, who vividly remembers talking to her husband just days before he died.

“It was the day before his last mission,” she said. “He was just telling me how much he loved me and he was a lot more sweet and affectionate… he just said he had a really bad feeling this time.”

“It was sad,” organizer Ryan Harrison said. “It’s always sad when you lose a fallen soldier over in Afghanistan.”

So to help Wade’s family, Harrison’s group organized a benefit ride to raise money for Wade’s wife and 3-year-old daughter.

“He had a wonderful relationship with his daughter you know the world started and stopped with her,” said Wade’s mother, Tisa Wade.

“Tristan gave his life up for our freedoms, so this is the least we could do,” said Harrison.

“It means a lot that they’re doing that,” Alisha said. “He would have been very happy.”