Heat wave begins, just how hot it’s going to feel

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Central Indiana saw another hot day for Sunday but it still wasn’t too humid outside.  This makes the heat a little more bearable.  But as you’ve probably heard by now, heat and humidity will rise this week to uncomfortable levels.   First of all, let’s talk about tonight.  Dew points will start to rise overnight and this will keep the overnight temperature a little bit warmer compared to what we saw over the weekend.  The low here in Indianapolis should only drop to 67° while the outlying areas could dip into the mid to low 60s.  Urban heating once again keeps the city warmer.


Temperatures climb at a steady pace on Monday back near the 90 degree mark.  Most of the models have been undercutting the heat by a good 3-4 degrees over the weekend and you can thank the dry soil for the hotter result.  Several of our in-house weather models place us around 86° on Monday as you can see below, but you instantly need to add for dry soil which is why I’m going with 90 to start the work week.  We haven’t seen a 90 degree high since July 23rd.  It’s hard to believe that in the month of August we’ve yet to yield a 90 degree high but this week will definitely add on to the 5 day total of 90 degree of higher days this summer.  We could realistically add 5-6 days at or above 90° this week to the tally!

Meteogram tomorrowHumidity will spike in the days ahead and it will take the “hot” and make it feel miserable.  You really need to take extra caution on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Dew points will be at oppressive levels and that mixed with the hot temperatures will only lead to bad results if you aren’t careful.  


Here’s what you can do:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing
  • Limit the amount of time you spend outside
  • Don’t do strenuous activities in the peak heat hours of 2-6 PM
  • Check in on the sick and elderly

So how hot are we talking about?  Feels like temperatures will reach the mid to upper 90s on Tuesday.  Wednesday just gets ridiculous.  Heat indices reach 99-104° that afternoon.


A weak cold front will move through the state Wednesday evening and night but this should yield in little to no rainfall.  The biggest thing you’ll notice is probably a bit more cloud cover ahead of and with the frontal passage.  Dew points and temperatures will fall behind the front, but we are still going to be in the low 90s.