Carmel Clay Schools welcomes new superintendent

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One of the top school systems in Indiana welcomes its new superintendent Wednesday morning.

Dr. Nicholas D. Wahl, a native of Ferdinand, Ind., will officially take his post with Carmel Clay Schools around 6:45 a.m. in the administrative building at 5201 E. Main Street in Carmel.

Wahl sat down with Fox 59 News to discuss his new post and the role he’ll play in the district.

Recognizing the well-regarded state of Carmel Clay Schools, Wahl said he does not feel the need to change things just to change things.  Much of his focus will be on fostering communication between administrators, teachers and students.

“When those factions are working together the students are the recipients of a better opportunity and a better environment for learning,” Wahl said.

“Having a say is much different than having a vote,” he continued.  “It’s very important to represent the constituents of the community, the parent community, the faculty and staff community, so that they know there’s an involvement, there’s a communication mechanism for them to be involved with Carmel Clay Schools.”

In the wide-ranging interview, Wahl spoke about his desire to not only support students’ academic needs, but their social and emotional ones as well.

Wahl also discussed the new anti-bullying policy adopted by the Carmel Clay board, which came in the wake of the state’s recent action on the topic.

“The research that I’ve looked at and the involvement I’ve had with the school districts I’ve worked with, not only speak to intervening, but recognizing the responsibilities of bystanders as it relates to any bullying behavior,” he said.  “Then training not only the educators, but then training the students.”

When asked about the difference in public perception of vouchers in Indiana and Illinois, the longtime educator stayed positive about his role, instead of actively discouraging the public from exploring other options.

“Rather than get into the alternatives, I’ll continue to champion what we do at the public education level and be very proud to champion what Carmel Clay Schools do: taking any student, all students, and doing the best for each individual,” he said.

Wahl started his career as a middle school science teacher in the Lafayette area.  For the last 17 years, he has lived in Illinois.  He has been a superintendent for 11 of those years, a principal for the other six.