From trash to treasure, hardware stores support good cause

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INDIANAPOLIS — A different kind of hardware and home goods store is being run in locations across the state, supporting a worthy cause.

Restore is a series of stores run by Habitat for Humanity.

“Anything that can be repurposed, that’s a big part of what we do,” said Jim Morris, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis President.

There’s a Restore located in downtown Indianapolis, on 22nd Street. It’s full of pretty much anything you can think of and what you buy there helps fund Habitat for Humanity projects.

“We have customers that come in two to three times a week,” Morris said.

Restore is hoping to get more donations, whether they be from businesses or from right in your home.

“If you have things you thought you’d always get rid of and it’s sitting in your garage, you can call us up,” Morris said.

Customer Ann Groot said she visits every couple of months, looking for various new pieces for her own home.

“I’ll go a little out of my way to help my community,” Groot said.

If you’d like to donate or visit a Restore location, a full list is available at