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Full text of the Richmond Hill Final Report

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Department of Public Safety released the Richmond Hill Efficiency Team Report Wednesday which includes a thoughtful and comprehensive overview of the multi-agency response and recovery with recommendations for further improvement going forward.

See the full report here: Richmond Hill Final Report

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs states that “Consistent with the standard operating procedures of Department of Public Safety Agencies, the opportunity to review and improve on any response is one we welcome wholeheartedly. Our objective has always been to serve our citizen’s to the best of our ability and this efficiency team review offers us an in-depth look at many areas.”

Co-Chaired by IFD Deputy Chief Al Stovall and Manuel Mendez, Director of the Office of Audit and Performance (OAP), the team utilized the inclusive Kaizen method. This approach focuses on continuous improvement from all levels including managers and workers. The team was comprised of 10 agencies, Richmond Hills Homeowners Association President  and  Southport Presbyterian Minister  involved in the mitigation of the incident.  The review focused on three areas, Site Control, Operations and Communications, during multiple operational periods.

Team Recommendations include:

1)   Additional cross training of DPS and City Agencies on Operational Opportunities and the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) Structure
2)   Create better database of contact information for possible disaster occurrences
3)   Implementation of Interagency Liaison to assist with smooth operation and transparency of information
4)   Ensure communications and operations procedures are clearly established with utility company response procedures
5)   Improve outgoing communications by the early establishment of a Joint information Center (JIC) and clear understanding of all agencies of the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) Command Structure.

Director Riggs would like to thank Chief Al Stovall, Manuel Mendez and the efficiency team for their dedication to meeting the goals of the After Action Review and ability to identify areas of improvement.   Director Riggs’ states “Richmond Hills was the finest multi-agency response I have been witness to in my years in public safety.  Our public safety agencies did a lot of things well.  However, we can always study what we did and find ways to improve our operations.”  Riggs agrees with the teams’ unanimous praise for the response efforts of the Public Safety Agencies the night of the explosion and the ensuing recovery efforts.  “We owe this review to our workforce and more importantly, to the citizen’s we serve.  We want to ensure future, continued excellence.”

Several of the action items referencing improvement have already been put in place since the incident occurred in November 2012.  For instance the list of schools located within Marion County along with primary contact information has been placed in a database for immediate access for public safety personnel.