Hottest of the year

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The afternoon temperature climbed to 94° just before 3 PM Wednesday marking this the 3rd straight day of 90° heat, the 8th 90° day of the season and the hottest here in over a year.  This was the hottest day since August 8th, 2012 and fell just 2° shy of a 60-year-old record.  The heat is late and more stunning coming after a month without any 90° days.

The 94° high this late in the season is very respectable and rather rare.  In 142 years of weather records only  35 years (2013 included) have produced 94° or higher beyond this date.  That’s only 25% of the summers on record.  The most recent years were 2010 and 2011 and remarkably not last year when 51 days topped 90°


For several hours in the city Wednesday the heat index topped the 100° mark.  At 3 PM the heat index reached 101° and held through 5 PM only dipping to 99°.  By 6 PM the index climbed back to 101°.  The “feels-like” of 95° or higher in the city is likely through 9 PM.

high today

High Wednesday


A wind shifting front reached the city late in the afternoon with clouds and tried desperate;y to produce a few showers.  This front will pass the city Wednesday evening and offer a little relief from the heat and humidity on Thursday.  it looks like the 90° streak will survive but are temperatures will lower especially northwest of the front.  The front is likely to wash out Thursday and winds are expected to swing southeast again by Friday.

Level 2

Weak front tries to Bring Rain


19 days and counting without rainfall.  This is the longest streak of rain free weather this year and ranks as the 38th longest ever on record.  The longest stretch of dry weather during the drought of 2012 reached 24 days.   The  longest on record came in 1908 with 39 straight days without measurable rainfall.

Dry Conditions

Dry Spell