East side residents want neighbor’s 30 cats removed from house

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A group of neighbors on the east side of Indianapolis are hoping Animal Care and Control will come out to remove what they believe to be 30 cats and kittens from a single home.

Police were called Wednesday morning to the 8300 block of Meadowlark Drive after neighbors reported the cats were causing problems up and down the street.

The Animal Care and Control officer who responded counted a total of eight cats when he visited the home, but neighbors said about 30 cats and kittens were living on the property.

The responding officer also noted that the entire front yard of the home had been turned into one large dirt litter box. The smell was noticeable from two houses down the street.

The only person living in the townhouse is a 90 year old woman. Neighbors say they’re concerned because they don’t believe she is physically or mentally capable of properly caring for the animals.

“She’s a nice lady,” said neighbor Ozell Weather. “She means good and stuff. She don’t have too many friends because of her age. The cats are like her friends, you know?”

During the day, neighbors say the cats stay hidden inside the house or in the severely overgrown back yard. But when the sun goes down, they come out.

“They tear up people’s trash at night, and have trash all down the street,” said neighbor Amber Jones. “I’ve never seen a person with all them cats.”

Police were unable to make contact with the woman when they visited the home, but Fox59 was able to speak with her briefly.

When asked about all the cats, she said, “I need those cats, the rats are so bad.”

Neighbors believe the elderly woman has good intentions of caring for the cats, but they think many of the cats have never received any shots. They also believe the situation is a threat to public health.

An investigator with Animal Care and Control told Fox59 they have opened an investigation into the situation, but it’s not clear when any possible action could be taken.