Beech Grove parents call for action to fix dangerous four-way stop

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BEECH GROVE – Parents want police action at a four-way stop that divides North 5th Avenue and Albany Street to stop what they claim is reckless driving.

The parents claim drivers are consistently running stop signs at the busy four-way stop. They want a consistent police presence or crossing guards, but the resources are in high demand, according to the police department.

“They don’t really care that there are stop signs. They don’t care about the speed limit,” said Patricia Patterson, a concerned parent.

“It doesn’t matter if the bus is stopped there or not, they still run it,” said Laura Kammerer, another concerned parent.

Kammerer said she urged a top city official to see the driver’s behavior for himself, and Fox 59 cameras were rolling.

“We’ve just got to have these people slow down. What is it going to take? Just a second more to stop fully and look to make sure a child doesn’t dart out,” said Ed Bell, president of the Beech Grove Council.

Fox 59 cameras also caught several cars and trucks stopping short of hitting their brakes or only pausing for a moment on Tuesday.

“They can’t be everywhere all of the time,” said Mike Maurice, deputy chief of the Beech Grove Police Department.

He then said there are only four officers on staff during one of their busiest times of day. Maurice also said, when his officers were on site, they only found cause to ticket one driver over a period of several days.

“It all comes down to money and manpower,” said Maurice.

“One of these children getting hurt, and one of these children getting hit by a car is a mother’s worse nightmare,” said Patterson.

Maurice also said they will consider moving a crossing guard from another location and hiring a new one part-time. A timeline on the response or needed funding is unclear.