Traffic headaches abound on first day without South Split

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INDIANAPOLIS — As the workday wrapped up, the stress was just beginning for drivers trying to avoid the South Split closure.

Tuesday marked the first day of construction on the I-65 and I-70 south split downtown. Contractors began in earnest, as they spend the next two months lowering the road under seven bridges that have been hit continuously by trucks.

“Everybody was on the side streets today,” commuter Danyelle Dunn said.

“It was very frustrating,” commuter Dave Hoffman said.

Hoffman took Binford Boulevard instead of I-465 from Carmel to his job downtown. He said the heavy traffic was making him reconsider that option.

“I was going to ask around my office to see what other people do. I might try to find an alternate route,” Hoffman said.

Many commuters tested out routes Tuesday, causing a lot of headaches on the roads. Still, INDOT said the morning commute was a relative success.

“The first few days, people will be trying different routes and traffic patterns will change,” said Nathan Riggs with INDOT.

Riggs said INDOT planned to work with the city to adjust traffic signals and patterns if trouble spots arise.

Still, commuters said they expected the next two months to be a time for patience.

“I’m not doing anything else on the south side for the next 59 days. I’m not doing it,” Dunn said.

Fox 59 is your Traffic Authority for moments like these, so here is some helpful information to guide your commute over the next two months:

  • From the south side, NB I-65 can only go west on I-70.
  • From the northeast side, WB I-70 can only go to Collector or continue NB I-65 exiting off at Meridian or West
  • Remember, trucks will have to use I-465 to go from I-70 on south west side to I-70 on northeast side and vice versa

Open Ramps:

  • I-65 southbound to I-70 eastbound – North Split
  • I-65 northbound to I-70 westbound – South Split
  • I-70 westbound to I-65 northbound – North Split
  • I-70 eastbound to I-65 southbound – South Split
  • I-65 southbound/I-70 eastbound exits to North Street, Michigan Street, Vermont Street, Ohio Street and Fletcher Avenue
  • Pine Street ramps entering I-65 northbound and I-70 eastbound  – this is heading to North Split
  • Morris Street ramp entering I-65 southbound
  • I-65 northbound exit ramp to Morris Street – from the south side

Closed Ramps:

  • I-65 southbound to I-70 westbound – South split
  • I-70 westbound to I-65 southbound – North split
  • I-65 northbound to I-70 eastbound – this is the split from NB travelers to continue on past the south split
  • I-70 eastbound to I-65 northbound – south split
  • I-65 northbound/I-70 eastbound exit ramp to Washington Street
  • Washington Street ramp entering I-65 southbound/I-70 westbound
  • Calvary Street, McCarty Street & Virginia Avenue ramp entering I-65 northbound/I-70 eastbound
  • I-65 southbound/I-70 eastbound exit ramp to East Street

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