Family of missing man recovers body in White River, notifies police

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The family of a missing 35-year-old man says they recovered his body in the White River near Southport Road Monday.

Officials are waiting for a coroner’s report before releasing the man’s name. Family members believe it is Sang Hup, who has been missing since Saturday.

Family, friends and church members gathered in prayer moments after the body was found.

“He was just lying there. He was just floating and he was so big already,” said Rosy Liantu, a family friend. “We couldn’t wait anymore so we just came down to find him.”

According to a police report, Sang Hup had been drinking with friends when they decided to go fishing at the creek near Stop 11 Road and Madison Avenue Friday.

Friends didn’t notify his family until Saturday.

“Their responses were different each time we asked them,” said Liantu. “We don’t even know what happened. It just got to the point where we were really upset. We were so confused.”

They called 911 to file a missing person’s report.

“At some point, he began to swim across the river and he went under. They lost sight of him,” said Jet Quillen, an Indiana Department of Resources conservation officer. “Initially, with the investigation, we couldn’t locate the friends who were with him. We’re still trying to get in contact with them and find out exactly what happened.”

Conservation officers said crews were unable to conduct a good search because they had no witness accounts of where Hup went under. Family members tell Fox 59 police could not send a search crew until Tuesday because it was a holiday weekend.

Hup’s family couldn’t wait that long. They, along with friends and church members from the Indiana Chin Baptist Church, searched for two hours until they found his body two miles south of Southport Road.

“We’re just disappointed and just too upset,” said Liantu. “We just wanted to find him, that’s all we could think about.”

Hup was a Burmest refugee who moved to Indianapolis nine months ago.