Two cases of MRSA confirmed at Carmel High School

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As the Friday night lights were on last week, Carmel Clay Schools worked on preventing the spread of a skin infection among its athletes.

Fox 59 first reported the problem Friday night. Several games were played at the high school before crews were brought in Sunday to disinfect the locker rooms. At that time, the school district could say only that some athletes were dealing with a skin condition. The district is now confirming two cases of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), a type of staph infection often resistant to antibiotics.

Dr. Elaine Cox, medical director of infection prevention at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, said MRSA is a bacteria that is no stranger to places like locker rooms and daycares.

“Often times, it takes a bit of time to know that it’s MRSA and the usual front line drugs aren’t going to work. So you can kind of get behind the eight-ball,” she said. “The issue with prevention is that after you’ve seen it, you’ve kind of missed your window. It’s not the ones where you know where [the bacteria] is, it’s the ones where you haven’t yet detected that are probably going to spread.”

Cox recommends proper and repetitive cleaning as the solution to stopping the spread. The school said it would take every precautionary measure to protect athletes.

“Our athletic trainers quickly identified the skin infections and arranged treatment for those students,” the school said in a statement. “As always, our trainers will continue to actively monitor the health of all our athletes. Carmel High School, under the advisement of our athletic trainers, has taken the extra precautionary step this weekend by ‘fogging’ the locker rooms.”

For more information about MRSA and athletics, visit the CDC website.