Hoosiers gather for peace rally for Syria

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Local religious leaders came together with Syrians and others who wanted to make their voices heard. Their message, “hands off Syria.”

Of all the voices, 12 yr old Farah Louly’s was the one of the loudest.  She recently left Syria, her home,”cause of the danger there, there is a lot of bombs.”

Her family came to the United States a month ago.  At first it was supposed to be a visit, but now they don’t know if it will be safe to return.  They left behind many family members and brought with them many worries.

“It was really hard,” 15 yr old Sarah Louly said,”it was really hard just seeing your own country falling apart.”

The people gathered say their message is not political.  They pray for all involved no matter what background or religion.

Father Nabil Hanna, of St George Orthodox Church, led the group in song and chants.  He hopes their message travels to world leaders and especially to Syria itself.

“Well our heart is torn up because they are fellow human beings,”  he said.

Farah and her family wholeheartedly agree, ” “My message for peace is war is not the answer, peace is the answer.”