Carmel issues warning about strange man hitting on teenage girls

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The Carmel Clay School District is warning parents and students about a man who is approaching young teenage girls in an attempt to start a relationship.

District officials sent out an email to parents on Wednesday evening. Director of Student Services, Dr. Steven Dillon, said two female students told their guidance counselor that they had been approached this weekend while shopping in Carmel. The school contacted police and learned that they had taken several similar reports.

“It’s my understanding he approaches young female students and engages them in conversations,” Dillon said. “(He) gives them his contact information and asks them to contact him if they’re interested in having a relationship.”

“I’ve heard about stuff like this before but it was kind of scary because it’s like, since it’s happening around this area it can happen to anyone,” said Lauren Colbert, a sophomore at Carmel High School.

The Hamilton County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is investigating whether the man has committed any crimes, but a public information officer told Fox59 News that they plan to release some information about the investigation soon.

In addition to contacting parents, high school teachers also took time on Wednesday to speak to students about the incidents.

“They talked about just precautions to take and what to do if you face a situation like this,” Colbert said.

“I was happy that the school district was taking a  proactive approach to let parents know,” said Amy Cramer, “giving us the chance to have that communication with our kids.”

The goal is to raise awareness and that appears to be happening.

“One of my friends actually has seen him before in front of the library and at the Meier,” said Madison Cramer, a sophomore at Carmel High School. “It was just kind of like, ‘Wow, I should probably start paying more attention than I usually do.”

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