Family of teen injured in hit-and-run crash speaks to Fox59

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A Kokomo family gives a heartfelt plea for information to help police solve a deadly hit-and-run. The Marion County Coroner’s office says Christian Reede, 13, died after the moped he and his friend were on was run down by a driver, who then took off. The second boy on the moped, Donte Brown, 13, is at Riley Hospital for Children in good condition.

Donte’s grandmother says he has broken bones, facial injuries, and, had to have two surgeries to repair the wounds.

“Donte is in a lot of pain, he screams, he hollers, he asked why, and he also said he didn’t do anything wrong,” says Donte’s grandmother Shonna Day.

Day is speaking on behalf of Donte Brown’s entire family, to deliver one very powerful message.

“I wanted to say to the person who did it, we forgive you, but you need to come forward,” says Day.

Brown is lying in hospital bed at Riley Hospital For Children in bad shape, but alive, after Thursday’s hit and run crash that happened here on Center Road in Kokomo. Police say the driver of a late model Ford hit the moped that Brown and friend Christian Reede were riding on. The driver took off, leaving them lying on the ground.

“It’s not right that anyone should kill or run over anybody and keep going, it’s just not right,” says Day.

Both teens were taken to a hospital in Kokomo, then to Riley Hospital For Children. Donte Brown was hurt badly. He has gravel burns, broken bones, but, is pulling through. The Marion County Coroner’s office says Christian Reede didn’t make it.

“That right there hurt me, that broke me, and, I want to say to his family that I’m so sorry. I am so sorry for your loss, because I know that is just unthinkable,” says Day.

That makes this family’s hope that the hit-and-run driver will surrender.

“You can’t think that someone can do that and not have emotions themselves. You would have to be a monster. I just wanted to say that I forgive them, but they need to do the right thing, come forward,” says Day.

Christian Reede’s mother posted a message on her son’s Facebook page, which says, in part, “I wanted to let you all know that Christian went to heaven last night at 11:05. I was laying next to him in the hospital bed. He was very peaceful. Thank you all for being such good friends to my precious son. He cared about and loved all of his friends so much. Please know that Christian would want you all to live like he did- a life of hope, kindness, and lots of laughter…”

At last check, police are still searching for the driver.

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