Brinks money handler accused of stealing $25,000

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Indianapolis Metro Police arrested a money counter at Brinks Inc. for allegedly pocketing $25,000 Tuesday morning.

A money room manager at the security company’s office on East Vermont Street discovered the money was missing after 23-year-old Taneisha Randle suddenly went home sick.

Police said internal security video showed Randle failing to comply with money handling policy, which requires money counters to keep their hands above their work station table.

“You could clearly see that she was taking money and hiding it, and then abruptly got up and left and went home sick,” said IMPD Sgt. Linda Jackson.

Randle was arrested on a preliminary theft charge when she returned to work that same day.
Randle’s arrest is the fifth time a Brinks employee has been arrested and accused of stealing cash at the same Brinks location since 2008.

Just last month, 29-year-old Charles Harris was arrested after admitting to stealing $160,000 from the office. He later returned all but $8,550 and told police he used the money to buy a 2003 Suzuki motorcycle he had seen for sale on the internet.

As of Wednesday, the $25,000 missing from Randle’s station had not been found.

When Fox59 visited Randle’s listed address, her grandmother answered the door and said she didn’t know where Taneisha was.

Randle was arrested in 2008 on preliminary charges of forgery and identity theft, but formal charges were never filed. Fox59 called a Brinks corporate spokesperson to ask if the prior arrest should have raised a red flag for hiring someone responsible for counting thousands of dollars in cash. The spokesperson in Virginia did not return the call and nobody at the Indianapolis office would comment.

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