Dying officer fired eight times at attacker during fatal encounter

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Metropolitan police detectives have determined that Officer Rod Bradway fired his .40 Glock service weapon eight times at his attacker after he was fatally wounded in a northwest side apartment early in the morning on Friday, Sept. 20.

Steven Byrdo suffered seven gunshot wounds from the guns of Bradway and a backup IMPD officer who was seconds away when the gunfire began at 2:02 a.m.

Bradway and Byrdo both died of their wounds as the prison parolee “ambushed” the officer who rushed apartment 2A at 6720 Eagle Pointe Drive North to rescue a woman and a baby who had been held hostage for three hours.

Investigators tell Fox 59 News they believe Byrdo intended to kill the woman and her ten-month-old daughter and quite possibly take his own life.

Less than five minutes after arriving at the Eagle Pointe Apartments to a report of a shot fired during a domestic dispute, Bradway, a six-year veteran, radioed that he heard a woman screaming inside the apartment and was going to kick in the door.

The door was damaged as Bradway kicked it several times to gain entrance.

As the door swung open from right to left, detectives said Byrdo hid behind the door and fired, striking Bradway once in the left side as he rushed past.

“If he had been on the operating table he could not have been saved,” a detective told Fox 59 News.

Mortally wounded, Bradway engaged in a gunbattle with Byrdo that was joined by the back-up patrolman from IMPD’s Northwest District.

Byrdo fired his gun seven times. The second officer fired his weapon four times.

It is likely that Bradway’s response wounded and disabled Byrdo enough that the killer was unable to ambush the second officer who came to the patrolman’s aid.

Byrdo, who was released from prison in June after serving time for a cocaine conviction, was armed with a .380 semi-automatic.

Detectives and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms are tracking that gun’s serial number, and U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett has indicated that the person who supplied the gun to Byrdo, a convicted felon, could face federal charges.

Even though the hostage possessed a gun, she was held at gunpoint and her cell phone was seized.

Detectives have interviewed all potential witnesses and recovered evidence from the scene, including the front door to the apartment and several shell casings as well as two guns.

Forensic ballistics examinations and DNA testing could take several weeks to complete, delaying a final report on the incident.