New Burger King fries focused on big taste, fewer calories

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It’s supposed to be the taste that Satisfries.

Burger King hopes to give customers the taste of french fries without some of the guilt. The fast-food chain launched a new crinkle-cut french fry Tuesday with fewer calories than its regular fries. The small order, called “Satisfries,” has 270 calories. A small order of BK’s regular fries runs about 340 calories.

According to Burger King, the fries have 30 percent fewer calories and 40 percent less fat than McDonald’s fries. The idea behind Satisfries is to give customers big taste while scaling back on calories.

The ingredients are the same as regular fries: potatoes, oil and batter. Employees will use the same fryers and cook the fries for the same amount of time as regular ones. How are they different? BK said the fries use a new batter that absorbs less oil. The chain chose the crinkle-cut shape so workers would be able to tell them apart from regular fries.

The quest for taste with fewer calories comes at a small price markup: a small order of BK’s Satisfries costs $1.89 while a small order of regular fries costs $1.59.