Recent shootings of IMPD officers bring up importance of training

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The recent shootings, one fatal, of two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers are on the mind of law enforcement as they respond to a call or make a traffic stop. The incidents also remind officers of the importance of training.

“Incidents like that are hard to train for because no incident we ever respond to is routine,” said Lt. Dave Kipper.

Capt. David Younce is training a new class of cadets at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. This week they are wearing black tape over their name badges to honor Officer Rod Bradway, who was killed in the line of duty Friday morning while responding to a domestic violence call. Police said Bradway was ambushed by Steven Byrdo who was hiding behind a door.

Not even a week later, Officer Greg Stevens was shot in the leg. Early Tuesday morning he responded to a report of two men exchanging gunfire. One man refused to drop his gun and Officer Stevens was hit.

Current officers and those in training will be looking at these incidents very closely.

“It brings everything back to the front in terms of what our tactics and our procedures and our policies say how we should deal with these types of situations,” said Capt. Younce.

Younce said it’s important for training to be real so many scenarios are based off real life situations where an officer was injured or killed.

IMPD officials said these recent shooting have made officers painfully aware of the dangers they face. The department reviews all incidents for training purposes.