Former metal products business burns down

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A large vacant building went up in flames on the east side of downtown Indianapolis Wednesday afternoon.

The fire was so intense that it sent a column of thick, black smoke into the air. The smoke could be seen for at least 10 miles.

“Flames just shooting directly in the air, they’ve gotta be at least 40, 50-feet in the air,” said witness Thomas Rose.

Fire officials said the building was once occupied by a metal products company, but was vacated several years ago. Whatever was left inside, was burning hot. There’s now the threat of what could now be floating in the air.

“You could have possible asbestos, and other contaminants that are in the smoke,” said Lieutenant Larry Tracy with the Indianapolis Fire Department.

It’ll take a few days before fire investigators can get inside what’s left of the building to see what was actually burning. Whatever it was grabbed many people’s attention from all over the city.

“The black smoke and plumes could be seen for miles around,” said Rose, “probably, biggest fire I’ve ever seen.”

Right now, it’s not known what sparked this fire. There are no reports of injuries.