Gas dips below $3 in spots, but average still higher

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Even with crude oil trading above the $100 mark per barrel, gasoline prices in certain parts of central Indiana dropped below the $3 per gallon mark Friday.

On East Washington Street on the near east side of Indianapolis, Fox 59 News spotted an Admiral station selling regular unleaded for $2.98 per gallon.  According to, some stations in Indianapolis and Franklin are selling gas as low as $2.93.

Many commuters in the area filled up as soon as they heard the news.

“I ain’t seen that for in forever, like years,” commuter Trask Giles said as he filled up his truck.  “Next thing you know it’ll be back up to like $4, but get it while it’s cheap now.”

That being said, the average price throughout the area remained around $3.20 per gallon, according to the price-monitoring website.

The last time the average dipped below $3 was in December 2012, but that was only for a single day.  The average price of gas in Indianapolis last dropped below $3 for a sustained period of time in March 2011.

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