Clear skies for Space Station viewing, warmer days coming

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The clear skies Tuesday and Wednesday night will provide optimum viewing for the International Space Station.  Watch the southwest sky starting at 8:29 p.m.  It will be visible for four minutes streaking from the southwest sky and exiting east.

If you miss out Tuesday night it will be back again on Wednesday arriving at 7:41 p.m. and moving from the south/southwest sky exiting east/northeast.  Total viewing time Wednesday is six minutes.  Enjoy!

Dog Days

Space Station Overhead Tonight / Wednesday


The dry air will cool quickly again and area temperatures will dip into the lower 40’s again Wednesday morning.  Coolest locations will be away from the city.  Early Tuesday, the coolest reports came from Henry and Randolph Counties.  New Castle dipped to 40° along with Farmland.  In the city, we will have our third straight morning in the 40’s with a forecast low of 46°, coolest since late April.


Forecast low early

80s and 90s HARD TO COME BY

On Oct. 8, 2007, we recorded a high of 91° and marked the latest 90 degree day ever in the city.  The average date of the last 80° day is Oct. 7.  The most 80 degree days from this date on were 11 days set in 1963 and in 1920


A great stretch of autumn weather is coming to finish off the work week and enter the weekend.  The early morning chill will ease each day and afternoon temperatures will reach the middle 70’s by Thursday and Friday.

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