Police: Man offered girls money before exposing himself

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GREENFIELD – A man offered two 11-year-old girls money to come with him—and when they didn’t, he exposed himself, police say. They consider the case an attempted abduction.

Investigators with the Greenfield Police Department say the man parked across from a playground in the 200 block of Switch Grass Drive around 3 p.m. Monday. He got out of his PT Cruiser, showed the girls a large amount of money and tried to get them to come with him.

The girls didn’t approach him. The man went back to his vehicle, put his money inside and walked back toward the playground. Police said he pulled down his pants and exposed himself. The girls ran to an apartment to get help and report what happened.

The mother of one of the girls came outside to see the man get into his vehicle and leave. The car was a silver PT Cruiser with a white license plate. One of the taillights was out.

The suspect was described as 5’7” to 5’11” with a bald head or very short hair. He had no facial hair or other distinguishing marks and wore dark sunglasses. The victims had also seen the man and his vehicle at the apartment complex on Friday.

Anyone with information should contact the Greenfield Police Department at (317) 477-4410.