‘Tis the season to start hiring. Or is it?

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By Lindy Thackston

‘Tis the season to start hiring, but some big retailers say they can’t afford to staff the sales floor with as many seasonal workers as years past.

They’re worried consumers are scared because of the government shutdown and will stop spending money.

While Amazon has said it plans to bring in 70,000 seasonal workers, a 40 percent increase over 2012, Target is decreasing it’s seasonal workers to 70,000, down from 88,000 last year. Walmart says it’s hiring 10 percent more, while Toys-R-Us and Kohl’s numbers are roughly in line with last year.

It’s unknown exactly where the country stands because the all-important jobs report wasn’t released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics last week due to the government shutdown.

Joe Frank with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development said they’re having to pause right now when it comes to data, but he thinks Hoosiers have a good shot at Holiday work.

“The good thing is, one of the strong points in our economy this year has been retail trade and warehousing, which makes up a lot of seasonal jobs,” said Frank.

He also pointed out that if you want one of those jobs, this is not the year to take your time.

“We’ve found in previous years that the earlier that people start looking for those seasonal jobs, the better it is for them.”

Most seasonal jobs will start in mid to late November.

There are more than 90,000 Indiana jobs listed on the state’s Indiana Career Connect website, including seasonal jobs.