Work on 2018 Super Bowl bid already underway

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Work has already begun for the 2018 Super Bowl Bid Committee as Indianapolis goes up against New Orleans and Minneapolis to host Super Bowl LII.

The two other contenders promise to be stiff competition as Minneapolis will have a brand new stadium and New Orleans will celebrate its 300-year anniversary that year.

“We think it’ll be very hard,” said Cathy Langham, Vice-Chair for the 2018 Super Bowl Bid Committee. “This is not an easy bid to put together, but we feel confident and most of the community does, that we will work hard and do well.”

Langham explained how Indianapolis will bring a wealth of experience and a large support system that will help it outshine the other cities.

“We’ve got a gorgeous community. We’ve got everything centrally located downtown. We’ve got experience. We’ve had a very successful Super Bowl. We’ve got a great corporate community behind us. And I think it’ll be difficult, but I think we can do it.”

One of the first tasks for the bid committee is to get all the money lined up to back another bid. Langham said that process has already begun, with the committee reaching out to corporate sponsors who helped out in 2012. Mayor Greg Ballard believes this will be accomplished very quickly.

“We had over $25 million in contributions last time. We thought 25 was the number we needed to hit. We got that pretty early. We essentially had it in the bank before we submitted our bid last time and I think it’s going to be a very similar situation this time.”

The bid will also have to include an impressive game plan. Whether that will include bringing back old favorites like the zip line, Langham said it’s a possibility, but not the focus.

“We want this Super Bowl to be new and different,” she said. “We did some great things last time. Will we repeat some of those? Maybe, but we expect to do a lot of new creative things with the city and Central Indiana for this next Super Bowl.”

Indianapolis and the other two cities will need to submit an official bid. Oral presentations will take place in May before NFL team owners take a final vote.