Police warn Colts fans to watch out for counterfeit ticket scams

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Demand for Colts tickets is at an all-time high, with Peyton Manning and the Broncos coming to town Sunday night.

But big games like these also bring concerns about counterfeit tickets, and now police are warning fans to be on the lookout.

“There’s a lot of buyers and a lot of sellers,” said Renny Harrison with Fanfare Tickets. “A lot of tickets look different now, some are electronically transferable and just come on a piece of paper so knowing the source of the ticket I think is the most important factor.”

“According to our detectives, we see most of our issues with stolen tickets and fraudulent tickets when they’re purchased online from Craigslist or person to person,” said IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey. “You just never know what you’re getting.”

“If you know you can’t find the person after you’ve dealt with them, then I would be suspicious or cautious,” said Harrison, whose company is currently selling tickets to Sunday’s game for anywhere from $170 to $600.

“The tickets are not as expensive as everybody thinks they are,” said Harrison, who also advised ticket buyers to be aware of the current ticket market.

“You should be suspicious of a ticket buying opportunity where the ticket is a third or half of what everyone else is asking for their tickets,” he said. “Be able to talk to the person, even after the game is over.”

“Our advice is that you never buy tickets from people on the street,” said Lt. Bailey. “Buy them from legitimate brokers, otherwise you might be out of money. It’s buyer beware, there are no refunds when you buy a stolen or counterfeit ticket and the Colts are not going to let you in, so the best bet is not to put yourself in that position.”

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