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One last warm night before cold air settles in

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Temperatures saw a healthy rebound this afternoon.  As of 3 PM, we had hit 62°.  This got us relatively close to where we should top out this time of year, which is 64°.  Unfortunately for those that like this ideal fall weather, it’s not going to last long.  Bust out the sweaters, coats, pants and closed toe shoes, it’s about to get cold!

FCST_Low_TempsClouds will continue to move in tonight, resulting in partly cloudy conditions.  This coupled with our breezy south wind will help keep temperatures much warmer.  Lows should only fall into the mid to upper 40s.  This will be a good 10 degree improvement in overnight temperatures.


A cold front will be passing through the state on Monday. The rainfall chance with this front is VERY small, especially north of I-70.  If we were to see some rain on the radar tomorrow, it would be later in the afternoon in the very southern part of the state.  For the most part, we will see little to no rain on Monday.

The biggest impact this system will make on Central Indiana will be a swing in temperatures.  We will reach our highest temperatures of the day in the early afternoon hours and fall from there.


The upper 50’s will be the average high but do expect a large range across the state.  Our northwest locations will be the coldest tomorrow afternoon  with temperatures in the low 50s by 5 PM. Farther south, temperatures will be in the low 60s still ahead of the front in locations like Bedford and Seymour.

Cold air continues to invade and highs on Tuesday only reach 50°F.   Rain is back Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.  But with as cold as it will be and the cooling impacts of rain, we could see some snowflakes mixed in Wednesday morning!  We will more than likely drop to the freezing mark during this work week in the overnight hours a few times.  That should include Thursday and Friday morning.  So ready or not, late November-like weather is making an appearance!

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