First snow of season occurred this morning

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Snow occurred first thing on Wednesday morning. The first snow of the season

It’s snowing outside!  You probably had to be up early this morning but snow did fall at times this morning here in Indianapolis and for places north of Indianapolis.  Driving conditions were not impacted by snow as temperatures remained well above the freezing mark.  The last time Indianapolis recorded any snow was on April 19th where we got a trace amount of snow.  That’s a span of 187 days!  If you missed this morning’s snow it could be  more than a couple of weeks before we see more snow, as long range models push the snow line well north of us over the rest of the month.

Looking at your weather forecast after the rain and snow slides to our east this morning we will be dry for a while.  Thursday and Friday will remain cooler with temperatures a good 15 to possibly 20 degrees cooler than the seasonal average.  Thursday will be cloudy.  Both mornings have freeze watches/warnings issued due to expected cold conditions.  Thursday’s morning temperature may not dip to below freezing due to heavy cloud cover.  Either way both mornings will be cold with Friday being the likely colder of the two mornings.

Looking ahead into the weekend Saturday could be the warmest day of the next 7 days with highs in the 60s.  A dry cold front will slip through overnight and will bring with it cooler weather for Sunday.  Sunday highs will barely hit 50 degrees.  Enjoy your day!