ONLY ON FOX: Family of ‘homeless’ hit and run victim speaks

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The family of a man killed in a hit and run crash near Downtown is sharing stories about the man they loved. 55 year old Frederick Wilson was found lying in the middle of Meridian Street near 22nd Street early Monday morning. IMPD officers say his injuries were consistent to being hit by a vehicle, but the vehicle is nowhere to be found.

Up until now, we just knew the victim was a man and he was homeless. Now, his family has come forward to say he was so much more than that.

“We wanted to talk about our father, his name was Frederick “Sandman” Wilson,” said his son Frederick, who shares the same name as the Dad he loved, whether he was down on his luck or not.
He says his father was a businessman.

“He had started his own plumbing business, years ago, to where he had a couple of vans that he started himself, he had that for a couple of years. Then, things fell off and stuff went down hill from there,” said Wilson.

The family tried to help their father, but says he wouldn’t accept help, and eventually became homeless. Frederick’s kids tried to keep in touch with him as frequently as possible, and his son remembers a conversation with his Dad one recent New Year’s Eve.

“He said ‘Freddy, I’m telling you…’ he had bought him a zoot suit, he said, ‘I am the cleanest, brokest person walking around Indianapolis right now’ hahaha,” said Wilson.

They say Meridian St. near 22nd St. is where Frederick “Sandman” Wilson would frequent. It’s also where he was hit by a car early Monday morning. FOX 59 spoke to the woman who, while driving back from a Colts celebration, saw him lying on the ground and tried to save him. He eventually died, but Frederick’s family is grateful to her anyway.

“We all want to tell her thank you, and we appreciate her for taking her time out to try to help our father, we really do appreciate that,” said Wilson.

Metro police are trying to find any witnesses who may lead them to the car involved. It’s not clear if alcohol played a role in this.