Coroner: major progress made on case of human bones found in metal container

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HENDRICKS COUNTY – The Hendricks County coroner tells Fox 59 that anthropologists at the University of Indianapolis are making major progress on their investigation into human bones found in a metal container this July.

A property owner close to the Hendricks-Marion County line found the bones stuffed into the metal tank while cleaning the property on July 22nd. Investigators also reported clothing items and shoes were found with the bones.

Since then, anthropologists have been working to narrow down specifics about those bones.

Coroner Joe Neuman tells Fox 59 those anthropologists determined that the bones belong to one person and that they found important pieces, like the spinal cord and even some teeth.

Neuman believed the investigation could soon reveal a gender and potentially an approximate age range. He said that those results may take another month to be completed.