Sheriff: Tragic crash shows need for better child safety measures

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BOONE COUNTY – A tragic accident that took the life of a young mother and put her baby in the hospital Monday has prompted the local sheriff to issue a call to parents.

The mother died when her pickup truck drifted into oncoming traffic along State Road 39 in the middle of the afternoon. Her young child was in the car with her and was awake and crying on the scene. Paramedics took that child to Riley Hospital for Children.

Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell said the child involved in the accident was strapped into a car seat but the car seat itself was not properly restrained.

“The child was then propelled forward into the dashboard,” Campbell said.

Campbell warned all parents to pay attention to child safety seats and be sure they are installed correctly.

“This is a terrible event, but if we don’t try to learn from it, we’re wrong,” Campbell said.

According to statistics, 96% of parents believe their car seat is installed correctly, but seven in ten kids are not properly restrained.

Any of your local law enforcement agencies will check a car seat for safety. You can also find a list of inspection sites here.

Campbell said that he’d be happy to provide any parents with the help they need if it means saving lives.

“If you can’t afford (a car seat) we will help you get them and we will show you how to install them, because we’ve got to take care of these precious lives,” Campbell said.