Hoosiers speak out about problems with health care website

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INDIANAPOLIS – A lot of Hoosiers are trying to get health insurance under the new Affordable Care Act and Fox 59 wanted to know what problems you’re facing.

Most of the comments on our Facebook page showed that Hoosiers are by-and-large running into problems signing up online.

Tom Porter is one of many trying to access quotes and find out how much he’d be paying on the healthcare.gov website. Despite many hours trying to do so, he’s had no luck.

“I’ve seen no pricing, no coverages, nothing. I’ve been unable to get the information. The website just isn’t giving it to me,” Porter said.

Pastor and teacher Scott Pyle is one of many who will lose their current insurance at the first of the year. Pyle and his wife both work two jobs, but none of their employers offer health insurance. Changes in the required income level for Healthy Indiana plans mean they’ll lose coverage.

“In another month and a half, I’ll be without insurance. So (the problems are) really frustrating,” Pyle said.

Pyle also said he kept getting kicked out of the website and could not finish the registration process.

Insurance Agent Tony Nefouse, with Nefouse and Associates, told Fox 59 his clients face the same issues. Right now, he’s using other sources to quote prices, because hard numbers don’t exist yet.

“We start the process. Even though we don’t have firm numbers we can at least start and prepare the person for what they’re going to expect,” Nefouse said.

Nefouse said that he’s hoping to see things improve by mid-November and that so far, he’s helped clients register by phone but its taken two hours and still isn’t guaranteed to be completed.

He’s hoping Hoosiers can hold onto their patience for a little longer.

“Don’t give up. … Don’t panic yet. There’ll be plenty of time to panic if we’re in December and things aren’t working,” Nefouse said.

For help with the healthcare exchange from Nefouse, visit his website here.

You can also find a free navigator, licensed through the state of Indiana to answer questions here.

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