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INDIANAPOLIS (October 30, 2013) – One year after taking over as public safety director, Troy Riggs says he’s making strides in improving the department’s efficiency.

When Riggs took the job in 2012, he inherited a high crime rate, a budget deficit and a manpower shortage. Now, the city’s ready to hire 80 new police officers. Riggs said he didn’t ask for more officers until he was certain the department was as efficient as it could be.

As he looks ahead to his second year on the job, Riggs is searching for ways to save money and strengthen community relationships.

“A dollar saved is a dollar we can put back into hiring more police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel,” Riggs said. “That’s what we’ve been able to do in the first year and I think the citizens of Indianapolis will see some additional savings and some additional good things come from that in the future.”

The department is working on better ways for residents to report crimes—and Riggs said Indianapolis residents should expect to hear about a big push on the importance of reporting incidents.