Historic storm leaves a mark, and new month is the fastest to cool

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The final rainfall tally from the National  Weather service Thursday was 2.01”  a record-setting rainfall for Halloween easily beating the record set in 1941 of 1.30”.  This is only the 3rd time a Halloween ever produced a 1’ rainfall.  The powerhouse storm as predicted gathered strength later in the day and deepened quickly.  A sharp fall in the central pressure of the storm created a rush of air to fill the void of the quickly rising air flow.  While not even producing thunder and lightning, the upper air energy and the quick drop in central pressure created a skinny and fast-moving wall of wind that really came together right in the heart of Indiana.  By 10 PM the squall line had expanded from Muncie to Bedford and at one point 16 counties were under a severe thunderstorm warning.

bam chase

From BAM Chase: Damage in Southport



bam damage

From BAM Chase team: Damage in Southport Halloween night

 Jeff Ellington – Bloomington


Parker City Rain Gauge

From Parker City, Randolph County 2″ of rain by late afternoon

Wind damage was extensive in parts of eastern Indiana and well into Ohio where 4 tornadoes were confirmed by the NWS Wilmington late Friday afternoon.  No tornadoes were reported in Indiana but the tornado watch issued here was a first for Halloween  checking watch archived only back to 2004.  Digging further there has not been severe storms on a Halloween since 1999 per the Storm Prediction Center archive dating back to 1999.  With help from the national Weather  Service in Indianapolis, a F-0 tornado did touch down on Halloween 1994 in Johnson county.  The storm tore a roof off a barn, toppled trees and moved a building 90 degrees on its foundation.


The SPC storm reports for Halloween 2013 shows 297 severe reports (again most for a Halloween dating back 14 years) with preliminary 16 tornadoes, 281 wind reports – hardest hit Ohio.

Halloween Storm Reports

Severe Weather Outbreak Halloween 2013



Damage in Southport was a result of a 70 mile per hour gust, while north into Delaware county a 75 mile gust was reported near Muncie.  Gusts of 65 miles per hour were reported in Castleton and Greenfield while tress fell in eastern Wayne county with trees on top of cars and multiple tress down through the county.

storm reports

Local severe storm plot


We lose 41 minutes of daylight this month and November is the fasted cooling month of all the cold weather months.  The average temperatures drop by 13 degrees but we lose 13 degrees from our average high on the first to the 30th.  On average November will produce .7″ of snowfall.

Dog Days

Novembrrrrr – a quickly cooling month