Fox59, ghost hunters visit Indy’s haunted house

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They are the subject of scary stories, they are even brunt of some jokes, but some say there is a real haunted house right here in Indianapolis.

It’s known as “The Hannah House” located on the south side. It is a house that has been there since the mid 1800s, and stories say, there is still something living inside of it.

The Indy Ghost Hunters have been investigating the house for several years. They say they’ve felt the presence of some kind of spirit on numerous occassions.  Legend has it slaves, during the time of the underground railroad, were in the home and died during a fire. It’s said the bodies were buried in the home, but their spirits live on.  So, it was time to set up for another investigation, and they took us along.

“As you come close to it, you can make it light up, just like I’m doing,” said Bob Newkirk, describing one of the pieces of equipment to the spirits that they use during their investigations.

To be honest, nobody is sure what it was, but FOX 59’s Eric Levy felt some odd feeling while he was with them.

Click on the video above to go along on this investigation.

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