Home invasion on north side by men in Halloween masks

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INDIANAPOLIS – It was a violent wake-up call for four men in a northside apartment Tuesday morning.

Four men in Halloween masks, armed with knives and a gun, tied up and pistol-whipped the people inside. The robbers made off with thousands in cash and electronics.

“I hear one guy come to my house, knock on my door, we open it, and he asks for help,” said neighbor Gilberto Garcia.

Police say they were dispatched to the Annaberry Park Apartments in the 8100 block of Century Circle East Drive near West 79th Street and Harcourt Road around 5:20 a.m. Police say the victims had bruises and scratches, but none of them needed to be transported to the hospital.

News spread quickly to frightened neighbors.

“I park over here because I pick up a student and I’m out here really early in the morning at this time and this is right where she lives at so it bothers me because of the safety,” said Denice Lewis.

“That’s scary. It’s getting very scary,” said Peggy Terhune. “Too close to home.”

It’s way too close to home for neighbor Antonio Burks.

“I was pistol whipped but I wasn’t tied up,” said Burks.

The army reservist, home with his three very young kids, was robbed at gunpoint back in March.

“They forced me in and they robbed everything that they could, except their car stalled and so they ran,” said Burks. “It’s not right to steal from working folks or any type of folks, regardless. You always get that fight or flight thing, but then you have to have reason if you take that chance, and if you’re wrong, your kids just lost you.”

IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey says this is a good reminder that you don’t have to answer you front door.

“Look out for yourself,” said Lt. Bailey. “Look out for your neighbors. You never have to answer your front door if you don’t know who is at your front door. If you’re not expecting somebody, especially early in the morning or late at night, don’t answer the door. Call the police. If it’s nothing, we’ve lost nothing. It’s our job. We’ll come out. We’ll take care of it and there’s no problems but you could prevent or solve a crime by calling 911, so don’t hesitate to call.”

“They’ll get theirs in the end. I do believe in karma. I do believe God is going to get those that are ugly to others,” said Burks.

The only description of the suspects is that three of the men are 5’8″ to 5’10” and one is 6’0″ to 6’4″.

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