Homeowners look into firearms after home invasions

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INDIANAPOLIS – Fox 59 has learned several residents who live in the Meridian Hills community are looking into firearms and training as police continue to search for suspects in a heinous home invasion and rape in the area.

“Police can’t be everywhere,” said Guy Relford, who runs Tactical Firearms Training on the north west side. He said in the last few days he’s received several calls from scared neighbors in the Meridian Hills area.

“I think people are scared. I think there’s a little bit of a sense of hopelessness and the sense that they know if someone comes in, kicks their door in, they have limited options at that point,” he said.

However, some residents are still failing to take simpler measures to protect themselves.

Fox 59 rode along with north side district officer Jason Palmer as he patrolled Meridian Hills, Wednesday evening. Metro police recently deployed additional patrols that include uniformed and undercover officers.

“We try to look for things that are maybe not normal. You know, riding down the street if you see somebody walking, maybe they may duck somewhere off into a dark area. You know, does that person belong there?” explained Palmer.

On his patrols through the area, he pointed out several homes that were not well-lit. He said thieves could easily hide in the dark before breaking in. Other residents left their large front windows uncovered making it easy for criminals to figure out who was home and window-shop for valuables inside.

“Somebody could be just standing there and just look all day long, especially at night,” explained Palmer.

Both Palmer and Relford said they would advise homeowners to take precautionary measures: close the garage door, lock all doors and windows, draw the curtains, keep the homes well-lit from the outside, and report any suspicious activity.

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