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Is your home really protected from a home invasion?

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INDIANAPOLIS —  You might think your home is protected from a home invasion, but Indianapolis Metropolitan police officers want you to double check.

“It’s on peoples radars right now (with recent home invasions), but there are things you can do to make yourself not a target,” said Lt. Chris Bailey.

His tips are simple, but can work.

“You never have to answer your front door or any door in your house,” said Bailey.

Call 911 if the person will not go away.

Install an alarm system or a motion-sensor light outside.

“Keep your bushes cut back,” said Bailey. “Make sure your blinds are closed so people can’t see everything that’s in your house. Make sure your house is well lit at night. Keep your garage door shut. Make sure you tell your neighbors, if they’re trustworthy, when you’re going to be gone and what to expect.”

Think about your trash, too.

“If you’re putting your trash on the curb and you’ve just bought a new TV or some new appliance, make sure the box is chopped up really good so no one can see it,” said Bailey. “If you’re putting your full box out there, that advertises that you have a new 60-inch TV in the house and you may be a target for criminals.”

And finally, make a plan with your family or roommates.

“If a home robber or burglar comes in your house, have a plan. Discuss roles. Discuss safe points or rally points and make sure some phones are accessible so you can call 911 immediately.”

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