Police: Man poses as utility worker, ties up homeowner during robbery

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a Wednesday morning home robbery that involved a suspect posing as a worker with a gas company.

Robert Waites, 58, told police the man knocked on his door around 9 a.m. in the 3200 block of North Winthrop Avenue.

“He said he was with the gas company and he needed to check out a gas leak in my house,” Waites told Fox59.

Waites said the man appeared authentic, wearing a fluorescent green vest, commonly seen on utility workers. Waites opened the door and let the man inside.

“He started talking to me about the leak, I think to keep me busy,” Waites said.

Waites said the man stood with him in his kitchen, supposedly smelling for gas fumes. He then said he needed to replace some pipes in the basement.

That’s when a second suspect wearing a ski mask rushed in the front door and the fake utility worker pulled a black handgun. The gun had a laser sight, Waites said.

“They tied me up and kicked me in the back, down onto the floor,” Waites said.

Waites told Fox59 he spent about 15 minutes lying face down on his living room floor with his hands tied with rope behind his back. All the while, he said the two suspects rifled through his belongings.

Eventually, Waites’ neighbor came to the front door after hearing the commotion in the adjoining residence. The two suspects ran out the door with a couple hundred dollars from Waites’ wallet.

“I’m just glad they didn’t take my life,” Waites said.

Police on the scene said they do not think the robbery is related to any other recent home invasion robberies which have been in the news lately. However, it’s another reminder for residents to think about their own safety and security at home.

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